Updates on Venezuela

This is going to be less of a long article and more of (as the title describes) an update.

It has been two months since I published my compilation of information on the Venezuelan food and economic crisis.

Since then, it has gotten very much worse. 

Child abandonment/sale has become even more of a prominent problem. Families are being forced to separate. Crimes and robberies of foodstuffs have increased. Emigration from the nation is at recent historical highs.

To put the food shortage in perspective: the IMF projects inflation to hit 500% this year. Towns and town grocery stores are being forced to create and sell packages of food to its citizens for obscene prices.

The crisis is so critical that I do not want to by accident downplay its severity.

A solid article that can properly describe the progression is this particular BBC piece I have attached.

I have also hyperlinked 3 increasingly recent articles, all of which, I think, from the research and reading I have done, have done the humanitarian crisis justice in description.





The Financial Times piece holds a bit of capitalist bias. The New York Times piece and the International Business Times focus more on the humans than the statistics.