City Year

What is City Year? Is it like Teach for America? How is it AmeriCorps?

There are honestly so many questions you could ask about this particular nonprofit.

City Year, despite the vague nature of its moniker, is a very wonderful and focused moniker.

City Year is an education focused nonprofit that helps kids at risk of not graduating high school. It partners with schools in 28 cities in the United States to help kids grades 3 through 10 on their ABCs. No, not those ABCs. Their Attendance, Behavior, and Class Performance (in English and Math).

So wait, how then exactly does City Year differentiate itself from Teach for America? It sounds like you're teaching kids when you join. 

While City Year is education focused, we do not connect schools with teachers. When you are a City Years Corps member you help teachers and school kids by tutoring, mentoring, and being their role model. It's a truly unique role. This also does not mean that you can't want a future in education and do a gap year with City Year. City Year looks for and strives to have a diverse community of corps members: in major, life experiences, and backgrounds.

So, how does City Year work with AmeriCorps?

Well, City Year is a member of the AmeriCorps network. This means that the nonprofit is too funded in part by the CNCS. Essentially City Year is one of the lovely organizations in a wide network of full-time community service opportunities for US citizens who want to help improve or communities, our nation, and our future. 

Further questions about how City Year functions: try the following link!