Nonprofit Spotlight

As I continue to grow up and explore the world around me, I've come to realize that when you're young, you are just not exposed to the sheer beauty of humanity. Everybody learns and understands their tiny little microcosms of hometowns. Everyone has their skewed perspectives of the grand perspective. But can we ever really understand what it truly means to be a global citizen?

In Nonprofit Spotlight, I plan on showcasing one to two nonprofit organizations, ones that do absolutely wonderful and fulfilling work. There will be a brief description of the organization as a whole, what is cool about what their mission and vision, and how their impact on their communities is priceless. This will be about all the good that can come from global citizenship, from human helping human.

I will also try to consciously not pinhole this segment as to be regional. Humanitarianism is not simply domestic and international. Humanitarianism is (at least to me) growing the world, maturing the world into the place where every person can thrive. 

As a US citizen, I will also admit my bias and larger knowledge of western nonprofits. But, I will also strive for a broader knowledge of the nonprofits around the world.

Those who do good, no matter how large or small and no matter what sector, are superheroes and should be treated and applauded as such.