Not My President

Where do I even begin?! I'm honestly not even sure if I should put this in thoughts or if I should put this in newsfiction. But I guess, because this is all my personal opinion I will not. Also, I'm not planning on going through all the information and the news pieces that have caused me to feel this way. I'm not even sure any of this is going to come out as something comprehensible.

I will not feel safe if a man like Donald Trump gets elected to the highest office of the United States. 

I'm talking about a man who both simultaneously says he's being honest and truthful while also speaking out of his butt. I'm talking about a man who is willing to say he did not do or say sexist and racist things when video and audio would prove differently. I'm talking about a man whose rallies make me feel like parts of America do not want to celebrate diversity or openness.

Donald Trump in the past few weeks to me has become synonymous with feelings that are not warm and fuzzy, feelings that are not even indifferent, but feelings that are full of disgust and hatred. 

His incident with Billy Bush, his inability to talk candidly in the second presidential debate, and all of his controversies that keep coming out of the woodwork are quite frankly disgusting. This is not something that my future presidents should ever be implicated in. It is by no means okay.

(I apologize if I sound like I do not have the right words to describe what I'm feeling. It's because I don't. There are no words to describe how much I feel this election has turned into a farce. Regardless of the outcome, the 2016 election has done irreparable damage to the US political atmosphere and status domestically and internationally).

For lack of better words or the ability to properly formulate sentences to describe my disappointment: Donald Trump, in my opinion, is not worthy of the presidency. He is not worthy of any national spotlight.

That is all.