Characters in Cafes

As she sits in the corner seat at the cafe, drinking whatever warm drink lies within that coffee cup, she wonders. She wonders about the possibilities, the limits of her world.

Scoffing at her inner child, the young woman begins to scribble. What started off as seemingly meaningless jots on paper develop into furious scratches. The speed of her fingers and wrist could not match the whirlwind of her thoughts and ideas. The pen, grasped desperately, begins to quiver. Even it could not withstand the woman’s power.

Diagrams and notes overtake her worn notebook. Patterns start to appear. Her smile grows wider, remaining a permanent smirk as she continues onward in this great journey.

Days and days pass. Dutifully, the young woman returns after work daily and continues to fill her pages with vigor.

Months go by until she finally closes the notebook. A gleaming smile develops on her face as she hands the barista a hefty tip. She walks out of the cafe, coffee in hand, with the confidence of a thousand celebrities and politicians.

She commutes home. After opening her door, she beelines to her couch. Flopping down, the woman stretches and for the first time in months, relaxes. Allowing the animated silence to fill her surroundings, the woman holds a conversation with absent and invisible faces.

Congratulating her new friends, she laughs and begins to open her computer. The first edit of her world is done. Now comes the hard part, spreading the world she loves to her other friends and peers.

It is the least she feels her characters deserve, especially since they toiled with her all those days at the cafe, sharing their lovely and poignant story.

It is now up to her to spread their words, to become their literary warrior, to transform into their author.