When Life Gets Hectic

I'm going to make this entry right here really brief (well in comparison to some of the past).

Life has gone from snail-paced to cheetah-speedy in seemingly no time whatsoever. I feel like it came out of nowhere, even though I've known this week was coming for weeks, months even. Why, why I feel so overwhelmed is a little beyond me.

I'm moving into a new place, well an old place. Technically, I've been semi-permanently living in my city now for two plus years. But this, this is the first time that I have left the safety net of others being in charge of me. This moment shall become a precedent for the rest of my life. I am moving out of that lovely and loving shell that is college.

In a sense I'm super excited but I'm also super scared. I'm not exactly the strongest person when it comes to taking care of myself (and that's including the time I spent living quasi-on-my-own in my first years of college). I get super focused on my job and my studies that I tend to neglect the rest of the parts of my life. I mean, come on, as long as I love what I do right?

So yea, this week is going to drive me insane. With all the chaos of moving into a new apartment, getting my senior year of college started, and beginning my jobs, I just hope that I maintain the slightest bit of logic and contentment. I feel like I just have to continuously remind myself that this week is temporary and that my life will get back to normal.

But normal is boring. So maybe I'll embrace the chaos and learn to love it. At least for the better part of next year, I won't have to move in again. So there's that?