Gadget Craze

I'm going to be real honest here: I don't know understand why people and society are obsessed with the newest tech.

I get it, we live in an era of exponential electronic growth. Technology is developing at a rate unseen by any other generation. But why are we so obsessed with quickening the obsolescence of what we have.

With the growth of tech seems to be coming the constant replacement of the previous versions. I find this to suck more than a little. I mean why has the world come to such a level of consumerism that we have to buy all new versions of the same basic thing because the technology specifications are simply better than prior versions? Has consumerism come to such a state that businesses build their devices so that we can't simply advance what we have?

It just seems wasteful. I like to think that I don't fall into this trap but I know I do. I've had my iPhone for only a couple years now, but the screen has already bent almost out of its position. So what do I do? I search for new phones. How wasteful is that though? I'm planning on wasting perfectly good technology, perfectly good metal, glass, and plastic hardware, why? All because my phone costs more to fix than it does to replace. And, that, that is the most irksome thing of it all.

My confusion as to this gadget craze also derives from the fact that I really don't understand why my current technology is considered outdated. My computer I've only had for a couple years. Yet, there are already multiple new versions on the market that make fixing my computer (if it was ever to break) near impossible to get the right parts. Moreover, it makes people who love technology think my computer is some kind of dinosaur. This is just weird. My computer is HD and with enough ram and programs to do everything I need and more. So then why is it obsolete? It's a perfectly functional, high powered piece of technology?

Obsolescence, at least, to me at this point in time seems wasteful, with constant recycling and updates. It just feels so artificial, like it's all just some big form of capitalist propaganda. But then again, who really knows right?